Remote consultation

Remote consultation

  1、 Remote consultation project:

  Remote consultation is a way to provide patients with second opinion through the analysis of patient case data by authoritative medical experts in the United States

  As we all know, the medical level of the United States has always occupied a leading position in the world However, for many patients, blind overseas medical treatment may not achieve good results due to lack of understanding of foreign medical systems, and it will also consume patients' energy and funds in the process of seeking medical treatment, which can be described as "wasting people and money" Therefore, in order to facilitate domestic patients to easily obtain expert diagnosis and treatment opinions from foreign authoritative hospitals, we have carried out close cooperation with top hospitals in the United States, including major teaching hospitals of Harvard Medical School, to provide international remote consultation services for domestic patients

  Patients do not need to go to the United States in person, but only need to provide the corresponding case data in China, which will be translated and sorted out by our medical experts and handed over to the corresponding specialists of Harvard University teaching hospital According to your medical records, they will conduct careful analysis and diagnosis, including condition diagnosis, treatment suggestions, feasible treatment methods, expected treatment effects, required treatment time and other information Such a high-level consultation, diagnosis and treatment evaluation report has high reference value for your treatment both overseas and at home


  remote consultation

  2、 Why do you need remote consultation?

  If you unfortunately suffer from serious diseases or difficult diseases, we hope to get the advice of overseas medical experts. Remote consultation can help you realize your wish

  In fact, 80% of the patients contacted by us do not need to come to the United States immediately. What they need most is to determine the comprehensiveness and reliability of domestic hospital diagnosis before deciding whether to come to the United States Because the diagnosis report will determine a series of treatment steps such as operation plan, medication plan and comprehensive nursing Especially for patients with major diseases, such as cancer and tumor, the accuracy of early diagnosis is the key to determine the fate of patients The medical industry in the United States is developed, with the most advanced medical testing equipment and reagents in the world. At the same time, the professional quality of doctors is high


  3、 What groups are suitable for remote consultation:

  1. Long term undiagnosed

  2. The current treatment scheme and effect have not been obvious and ideal

  3. The diagnosis or treatment plans of many domestic hospitals are inconsistent, resulting in confusion

  4. The doctor diagnosed with a very serious disease (e.g. cancer,, and wanted to confirm it again

  5. He thinks he has a disease and the doctor doesn't diagnose it

  6. Informed by domestic hospitals that domestic technology is powerless

  Warm tip: if you have friends who are troubled by various diseases, they also have the above situations You can recommend our service items to people in need around you I hope they can get better treatment and service through our help


  4、 Cooperative institutions

  5、 Information required:

  6、 Time required for teleconference:

  Remote consultation usually takes 4-6 weeks to produce results

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