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Notice of Dongguan hospital high quality development and high level talent development summit forum in 2021

  For the high-quality development of hospitals, disciplines are the basis and talents are the key. We should innovate the talent training mechanism, improve the talent development system, create a good environment, comprehensively promote the construction of talent team in Dongguan hospital, so as to better provide high-quality and efficient medical and health services, prevent and resolve major epidemic situations and sudden public health risks, build a "strong health city", create a "healthy Dongguan" and jointly create a "bay area city and quality Dongguan". With the help of experts and scholars at home and abroad, this forum will obtain cutting-edge information and grasp the development trend. Carry out in-depth exchanges and discussions around comprehensive technologies such as high-quality development, high-level talent training, cutting-edge medical treatment and discipline construction of the hospital, target internationalization, standardization and standardization, build the academic conference into a high-quality academic exchange platform, cultivate a number of high-level medical leaders and professional hospital management teams, and create a highland for medical talents.


  Guidance unit

  Dongguan Health Bureau


  Dongguan Medical Association


  Dongguan People's Hospital

  Dongguan maternal and Child Health Hospital

  Dongguan Songshanhu Central Hospital

  Dongguan Binhai Bay Central Hospital

  Dongguan Eighth People's Hospital (Dongguan children's Hospital)

  Dongguan Hospital of Guangdong University of traditional Chinese medicine (Dongguan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine)

  The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Jinan University (Dongguan East Central Hospital)

  Dongguan first hospital affiliated to Guangdong Medical University (Dongguan southeast Central Hospital)

  Executive contractor

  Evo medical

  Guangdong Overseas health talent workstation

  Co Organizer

  Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group

  Conference information

  Conference theme

  "Dongguan hospital high quality development and high-level talent development summit forum in 2021"

  Meeting time

  November 19-20, 2021

  Meeting place

  Exhibition hall on the first floor of Dongguan Convention and Exhibition International Hotel



  The president, vice president in charge and relevant managers of health administrative units of Dongguan secondary and tertiary hospitals, and the chairman of each branch / Professional Committee of Dongguan Medical Association.

  Purpose of the meeting

  Build an open, cooperative and sharing exchange platform for technical achievements, involving high-quality hospital development, hospital management, cutting-edge medical treatment and discipline construction.

  The professional contents of various subdivided fields such as high-level talent training cover the whole industrial chain in the field of medicine, medical care and health, explore the new trend and direction of innovative technology at the forefront of the big health industry, promote the technical level of the medical industry and stimulate more innovative forces.


  Meeting contact

  Jiang Jun

  Tel: 13771758095


  Ji Yuxin

  Tel: 18001541117


  Zeng Zhilun

  Tel: 13560388849




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