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Aiwo and Subei people's hospital successfully held a training course for management cadres

  Opening ceremony of cadre management training course of Subei people's Hospital

  On the afternoon of July 18, the "opening ceremony of cadre management training course of Subei people's Hospital" hosted by Subei people's Hospital and undertaken by Evo medical was successfully held. Yu Yu, vice mayor of Yangzhou Municipal People's government, Tang Jinhai, vice president of China Hospital Association, Zhao Guoxiang, party secretary and director of Yangzhou Health Committee, Xu Daoliang, Party Secretary of Subei people's Hospital attended the meeting. Wang Yongxiang, vice president of the hospital, presided over the meeting. The hospital's leading group and middle-level cadres participated in the training activities.

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  Speech by Secretary Xu Daoliang

  Secretary Xu Daoliang said: "people-oriented, innovative development". The high-quality development of hospitals is inseparable from the construction of management cadres. In order to comprehensively strengthen the series of education and training for hospital staff and pay attention to comprehensively improving the ability training of staff, this year, the hospital specially issued the implementation opinions on strengthening staff education and training, and carried out a series of international cooperation training on "modern hospital management" in cooperation with Evo medical with the main line of "training high-precision backbone talents for the hospital", All departments have also innovated training methods, covered staff education and training in various forms such as "surgery lecture hall, internal medicine lecture hall and management lecture hall", and established a multi-dimensional assessment model to strive to pay attention to the effectiveness of training.

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  Speech by vice president Tang Jinhai

  In his mobilization speech, vice president Tang Jinhai said that it is necessary to hold this training course. He also hoped that everyone should take patient needs and satisfaction as the goal, strengthen management awareness, quality awareness, service awareness and safety awareness, and make greater contributions to ensuring people's health and building a "healthy China".

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  Speech by Vice Mayor Yu Yu Yu

  Yu Yu, vice mayor of Yangzhou, pointed out that in recent years, Subei people's Hospital, as the leading unit of Yangzhou public hospital, has always focused on people's health and focused on the people's thoughts, thoughts and expectations, in establishing a sound modern hospital management system, building a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, building an Internet hospital, building a close Medical Union, improving medical services We have made bold attempts and beneficial explorations in promoting the construction of hospital culture and achieved remarkable results. It is hoped that the hospital will adhere to the concept of "talents are the first resource leading development", promote the resource allocation from paying attention to material elements to paying more attention to talent and technical elements, further strengthen the introduction and training of high-level talents, the construction of key disciplines, clinical medical teaching and research, and strive to build the hospital into a new highland of regional medical services, medical technology and hospital management.

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  Guest lecture

  At the meeting, Zhan Qimin, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Professor Liu Limin, Party Secretary of Run Run Run Shaw Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Zhejiang University, gave lectures on the themes of "scientific and technological innovation and hospital development" and "hospital talent echelon construction".

  Academician Zhan gave a lecture on scientific and technological innovation and hospital development. Academician Zhan stressed that today is the best historical opportunity for the development of China's health cause. "Without national health, there will be no comprehensive well-off society". At present, the challenge of China's health development is the lack of medical innovation ability. The important measure of development is the innovation driven development strategy. Academician Zhan also elaborated on greatly promoting medical progress through scientific and technological innovation and interdisciplinary intersection such as medical equipment, optimizing clinical decision-making, health management, human biology research, drug R & D and clinical application.

  Secretary Liu Limin gave a lecture on "Shao medical model" for high-quality development of public hospitals. Secretary Liu reviewed the development history of the "Shao medical model", and described in detail the talent training system with separate evaluation and employment, the first domestic attaching responsibility system (the attending doctor responsibility system), "no infusion in outpatient service", "no extra bed in the whole hospital", the hierarchical training ladder of nurses, and the establishment of magnetic hospital, And a series of hospital management and operation modes, such as Shaoyi series culture and brand construction - Shaoyi management mode, enrich humanistic connotation, promote technological innovation and enhance hospital brand. By introducing the concept of JCI, the secret of the success of "Shao medical model" has been cast through a series of measures such as medical quality and safety management, all-round safety culture, standardized medical behavior, operation management, reasonable medical cost, reducing nosocomial infection and paying attention to team discipline construction.

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