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2021 International Workshop on standardized diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot disease? New recruitment notice

  2021 International Seminar on the progress of standardized diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot disease

  Training notice

  Diabetic foot is one of the most serious complications of diabetic patients. At present, the number of patients is increasing, and the probability of amputation is large at the later stage of the disease. How to treat effectively is a worldwide problem. At present, clinical training for diabetic foot is still at a blank stage in China, and there is no systematic and specialized training course.

  In order to meet the needs of professional training for diabetic foot in China, &ldquo was clearly proposed in response to the nineteen major reports of the party. Implement the healthy China Strategy & rdquo;, Sponsored by China Medical Education Association & ldquo; 2021 the international training class &rdquo for standardized diagnosis and treatment of diabetic foot disease. The course will be held on September 18, 2021. This training course will invite internationally renowned expert teams from Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals and domestic well-known experts and scholars in relevant fields to bring high-quality online and offline clinical research and learning opportunities for hospitals and students, so that doctors can have the opportunity to follow clinical medical activities such as case discussion of overseas tutors and improve clinical business skills, To provide complete and systematic theoretical and practical training for medical staff, promote the discipline construction and personnel training in the field of diabetes, and promote the high quality development of hospitals in 14th Five-Year.



  China Medical Education Association

  International Diabetes and Trauma Research Institute (IDWI)

  Training information

  Training time

  Opening time

  September 18, 2021

  Study arrangement

  September 18, September 25, October 9, October 16

  Training object

  Professionals in major hospitals and health systems at home and abroad, including physicians, endocrinologists, podiatrists, orthopedics doctors, vascular surgery, burn and plastic surgery, primary care doctors, nurses, nurse educators, wound experts and wound treatment personnel.

  Training features


  International Diabetes and Trauma Research Institute (IDWI), Harvard University School of medicine, Harvard University medical affiliated Jocelyn Diabetes Hospital and famous experts in China.

  teaching model

  Online + offline

  Completion of study

  Participants will be awarded the certificate of completion by the international diabetes and Trauma Research Institute (IDWI) and the China Medical Education Association respectively after obtaining the complete training cycle, and obtain 8 credits of I credits for continuing education.

  Training schedule




  (the agenda is subject to the on-site release)

  About idwi

  IDWI is a medical institution that aims to improve diabetes, diabetes complications, foot diseases and wounds worldwide. It is located in Longwood Medical Area, Boston, located near Harvard Medical School and Harvard affiliated hospital. It is the main resource area for wound healing in the world. IDWI is a collaboration of doctors from different countries with common goals. The aim is to bring together doctors with years of experience in diabetes to provide world-class courses and training programs.




  The IDWI team has many years of experience in diabetes, wound and foot care. Idwi's doctors are uniquely qualified to complete this task. Most of them are doctors from Harvard Medical School and its affiliated hospitals. They have many years of experience in training future world leaders in medicine and science and visiting doctors, nurses and scholars from all over the world. Idwi's team also has a number of authors who have published papers in famous journals such as the New England Journal of medicine and the lancet. IDWI's prevention and management of diabetic wound, the management of complications is multidisciplinary. Its team includes experts in the following fields: Endocrinology, diabetes, wound care, foot care, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, Department of orthopedics surgery, nutrition, wound care and wound management.

  Registration contact

  Jiang Jun

  Tel: 13771758095


  Ji Yuxin

  Tel: 18001541117


  Zhang yingying

  Tel: 18115670658








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