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The gospel of all mankind! Two months to get a shot, scientists found that AIDS prevention long-acting preparations

  AIDS is a highly dangerous infectious disease caused by HIV infection (HIV). HIV takes the most important CD4 T lymphocytes in the human immune system as the main attack target, destroys the cells in large quantities, and makes the human body lose immune function.

  Moreover, because HIV is a retrovirus and the reverse transcriptase lacks correction and repair function, the variation frequency of HIV is very high. Therefore, until the 21st century, there is no specific treatment for HIV. Drugs for the treatment of HIV infection can only control virus replication and can not completely eliminate the virus.

  Therefore, researchers focus on the development of safe and effective HIV vaccine. Recently, researchers from University of California at Los Angeles have developed a vaccine Cabotegravir injected once every 2 months, which seems to be a good prescription for long-term prevention of AIDS.

  The relevant research results were published in NEJM under the title of cabotegravir for HIV prevention in cismender men and transgender women.

  DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2101016

  A total of 4566 high-risk subjects were enrolled in the clinical study. They were divided into two groups. The safety and efficacy of Cabotegravir injection and TDF-FTC daily in men and men and women in transgender sex with men were compared between 2 groups. The results showed that the long-acting injection of Cabotegravir was superior to TDF-FTC per day in the prevention of HIV infection in high-risk groups.

  Although we still haven't found a specific drug, it has made aids a fatal disease that has become controllable. It is reported that the vaccine was developed by ViiV Healthcare, a global HIV professional company holding by GSK. It is expected that this vaccine will make human beings take a big step forward in the fight against HIV.

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