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Recruitment plan for 2021

1、 Market development manager (Health Division)

2、Project Promotion Manager (provincial capitals)

Job description:

1. Provide consultation and good service for foreign exchange and cooperation in various disciplines and fields of the hospital;

2. Responsible for establishing academic exchange platform with relevant overseas medical institutions, and responsible for the organization and implementation of project academic conferences;

3. Responsible for the international exchange of personnel in various medical fields and the overall planning and coordination of the work of experts in China;

4. Be responsible for the contact with consulates abroad and other related exit work;

5. Be responsible for the preparation of short-term or long-term outbound personnel;

6. Responsible for the promotion of regional medical market, establish and maintain good and stable customer relationship.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than one year working experience in sales, marketing or intermediary service.

2. Strong interest in medical market development and sales.

3. Willing to accept new things, willing to accept training, strong learning ability.

4. Medical education background or experience in pharmaceutical enterprises is preferred.

5. Strong English listening and speaking ability, certain translation ability is preferred.

3、Channel Commissioner:

 Job description:

1. Responsible for the promotion of medical market;

2. Complete the daily development, maintenance and in-depth mining of customers;

3. Establish and maintain good and stable customer relationship;

4. Promoting medical exchanges and joint construction between China and foreign countries;

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, warm and cheerful, willing to accept new things and strong learning ability;

2. Medical education background is preferred;

3. Good interpersonal communication skills, customer demand control ability, proposal ability and market analysis ability, efficient execution ability.

4、 Marketing Specialist

Job description:

1. Fluent in English (both written and oral)

2. Have some sales experience in medical industry

3. Familiar with the process of going abroad

4. Deeply understand overseas projects, be responsible for project explanation and training of the team and skilled and professional docking with overseas partners;

5. Project communication with overseas partners;

6、. Strictly abide by the time node and event node of project operation,

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above

2. 1-2 years of English translation

3. Medical industry background is preferred

5、 Project investment

Job description:

1. Carry out daily investment promotion according to the company's investment promotion process and work system requirements

2. Report the problems of the project to the superior leaders and propose solutions

3. Fully understand the project process and information, and carry out targeted investment promotion

4. Be responsible for organizing, arranging and coordinating various work details of project investment promotion activities

5. Be responsible for the relationship maintenance of various channels

6. Responsible for the introduction and negotiation of manufacturers

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above in marketing, more than one year working experience in the same position

2. Be able to tap customer resources, have certain business negotiation ability and customer resources

3. Familiar with relevant medical industry, strong communication skills

4. Positive, enthusiastic, proactive and strong sense of responsibility

5. Good communication and coordination skills, team spirit

6、 International Medical Translation

Job description:

1. Translate the daily data of the company, sort out and archive the relevant Chinese and English data

2. Translate all kinds of Chinese and foreign documents, and assist other departments to complete the required translation between Chinese and English

3. Handling procedures such as application and approval for short-term visit, visa change, communication and translation of foreign experts during their visit to China, life management, airport pick-up, random translation, etc

4. Translation of foreign customer communication, exchange and negotiation between the company's senior management and foreign guests,

5. Mail and telephone exchanges with foreign customers

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in foreign language, CET-4 or CET-6 or above

2. Strong foreign language listening and speaking ability, profound translation skills, proficient in Chinese and foreign translation, excellent Chinese writing

3. Serious and meticulous work, quick thinking and strong sense of responsibility

4. Working experience in medical industry is preferred

7、 Copywriting activity planning

Job description:

1. Assist in the design and writing of various publicity and planning schemes of the company;

2. Responsible for the writing of publicity copy and publicity material copy;

3. Be responsible for the writing of the company's foreign media and advertising performance;

4. Assist in the preparation of various publicity manuals of the company;

5. Regularly make and update the company's network media operation;

6. Be responsible for the collection and sorting of media soft text and advertising materials;

7. Be responsible for the planning of various activities of the company.

Job requirements:

1. Journalism, Chinese, advertising, marketing and other related majors;

2. Creative thinking, good at independent thinking, strong insight, good at thinking and good corporate image awareness;

3. Strong copywriting ability, excellent text organization ability, smooth expression, rich writing experience, strong logic and news sensitivity;

4. Familiar with the overall process of marketing, brand planning and activity planning, and have certain market analysis ability;

5. Experience in wechat, microblog and other operations.

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