Boston Children's Hospital

  Founded in 1869, Boston Children & rsquo; s hospital is a teaching hospital of Harvard University and is well-known among children's hospitals in the United States. There are 10 children's specialties in the hospital, among which children's cancer, children's heart and heart surgery, children's gastrointestinal and gastrointestinal surgery, children's Neurology, children's neonatology, children's kidney, children's orthopedics and children's urology rank first in the United States, and children's Endocrinology and children's lung rank second in the United States. For 140 years, he has been working hard for the treatment of children's diseases, from the successful remission of leukemia in 1947 to the correction of recent complex fetal heart defects.

  In addition to Harvard Medical School, partners include Harvard Stem Cell Institute, MIT Health Science and technology, Bode Institute and Boston University, and maintain close cooperation with Dana Farber Cancer Institute, bregan and women's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.

  The hospital adheres to family centered therapy. There are 395 children's beds, 15748 inpatients, 6795 inpatient surgeries and 19747 outpatient surgeries every year. The number of visits to the emergency room has reached 58872.

  In addition, Boston Children's hospital is also a large-scale research institution. The research team has more than 1300 scientists, including 7 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 12 members of the Institute of medicine and 14 Howard & middot; Hughes Institute and 28 American Society for clinical research. Research facilities include basic and translational research bases covering more than 800000 square feet and clinical research bases covering 50000 square feet. With an annual scientific research investment of 308 million, it has received a large scientific research investment from the national pediatric center, aiming to provide patients with unparalleled innovative treatment and technology.

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