Royal Marsden Cancer Center

  Founded in 1851, Royal Marsden cancer center is the #1 hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education in the world.

  Royal Marsden cancer center, together with its academic cooperation, Royal Marsden cancer center and Its Academic Partner British Cancer Research Institute (ICR) have become a large-scale and comprehensive cancer center in Europe, treating more than 50000 NHS (British national medical service system) patients and self funded patients every year. As an excellent cancer center, Royal Marsden cancer center enjoys an international reputation for its pioneering research, innovative cancer treatment and technology, and good at cancer diagnosis and education.

  Royal Marsden cancer center together with ICR is the British cancer biomedical research center designated by the National Institutes of health. It won this award for the first time in 2006.

  The hospital won this honor again in 2016 and will receive £ 43 million over five years to support researchers to carry out research in different tumor fields and cancer treatment. Royal Marsden cancer center has two hospital districts: Chelsea hospital in London and Sutton hospital in Surrey, and has opened a day medical center at Kingston hospital. The Royal Marsden cancer center also provides community medical services in Sutton, the autonomous city of London.

  Since 2004, the hospital's charity Royal Marsden cancer charity has helped raise more than £ 100 million for the construction of operating classrooms, diagnostic centers and drug R & D centers. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, became the president of the Royal Marsden cancer center in 2007, maintaining the long-term relationship between the British royal family and the hospital.

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