Israeli Sheba Medical Center

  Hospital profile

  Israeli Sheba Medical Center is located in Tel Hashomer, not far from Tel Aviv. Built in 1948, the center is one of six tertiary referral hospitals in Israel. It is also an internationally recognized advanced medical institution and & ldquo; Four cancer centers in the world & rdquo; one of. The medical center is the first medical center in Israel to provide patients with artificial heart, and the country's first test tube baby was born here. Israeli Sheba Medical Center combines six main facilities: Children's Hospital, emergency nursing hospital, women's Hospital, rehabilitation hospital and large medical research complex building. Sheba Medical Center is at the world advanced level in IVF field of assisted reproduction, bone marrow transplantation and treatment of heart disease. It is also the first to innovate car-t therapy for leukemia and til immunotherapy for melanoma, creating more treatment opportunities for cancer patients. In addition, Sheba is one of the only two medical institutions designated by the Federal Insurance (FWA) of the U.S. Department of health in Israel. Sheba has received funding from the U.S. federal government to carry out clinical trials involving human beings.

  Cutting edge technology

  Til immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma

  Although melanoma accounts for only 1% of all skin cancer cases, its mortality accounts for 90% of the total skin cancer deaths. It is a very dangerous and fatal disease. Til immunotherapy is an innovative and efficient method for the treatment of advanced metastatic melanoma. After til treatment, about 50% of melanoma patients have improved and about 25% of patients have recovered. However, because til is a very cutting-edge medical technology, at present, only a few medical institutions in the world can provide til treatment for patients. As the pioneer of TIL research and experiment, Sheba Medical Center in Israel can provide patients with the most professional and high-quality til immunotherapy services.

  Latest research and development of drugs for pancreatic cancer

  Pancreatic cancer is the twelfth most common cancer in the world. The Sheba Medical Center Co worked with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Merck Co to develop a targeted therapy for cancer. This drug can be used to delay the progression of pancreatic cancer cells and bring hope for the cure of pancreatic cancer patients. The drug, olaparib olaparib, can attack an enzyme that is important for the development of cancer cells.

  The world's first hemophilia & ldquo; Gene breakthrough Therapy & rdquo; Phase III clinical trial

  Israel Sheba Medical Center, Hemophilia Center and thrombosis research, using & ldquo; Gene breakthrough Therapy & rdquo; Hemophilia was eradicated through single dose treatment and entered the phase III clinical trial stage of human body. With the beginning of this clinical trial, Israel Sheba Medical Center became the only medical institution in the world that mastered this technology. Now, for the treatment of hemophilia, regular injection treatment is needed to improve the blood system and promote blood coagulation. The new technology is through a technology called & ldquo; Adenovirus & rdquo; The virus can replicate the genetic material in healthy genes and fill and activate damaged genes, so as to restore normal function. Finally, complete cure of hemophilia.

  Hospital advantage

  Cancer and Oncology

  Sheba Medical Center in Israel is one of the few institutions in the world that provides individualized medical services for patients. It can customize the implementation scheme of individualized drugs consistent with the patient's tumor gene map. The medical center mainly explores the gene map and leads the new revolution of medicine. For example, the DNA micro r-ray device developed by Sheba Medical Center can allow you to test the expression level of a single gene. With this technology, you can do cancer research at the gene level, test the therapeutic effect of a new drug you are developing on a certain cancer, and check its impact on global gene expression. This technology has had a great impact on the whole genomics and the study of the whole patient genome at the single gene level, which is the biggest change in oncology and the whole cancer field.


  Sheba Medical Center has developed minimally invasive surgery for renal cell carcinoma using laser, while preserving the kidney.

  Cardiology department

  The cardiology department of Sheba Medical Center is the most cutting-edge in the world. It has developed the use of open heart surgery combined with ablation technology to reverse severe and intractable arrhythmias. Sheba pioneered minimally invasive surgery for congenital heart disease and closure of ventricular septal defect and atrial septal defect. Its heart and circulation Institute provides the best treatment for complex patient diseases, with Eli and zohara davidai arrhythmia center and invasive cardiology department. The invasive cardiology department is the largest center of its kind in the world, with five most advanced cardiac catheterization laboratories and more than 3000 catheterization operations every year.

  Sheba rehabilitation specialty is one of the largest and most perfect rehabilitation hospitals in the world. It provides rehabilitation services, including orthopedic rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation, mental rehabilitation, mental trauma rehabilitation and multiple sclerosis rehabilitation. These rehabilitation services will intervene in the early stage of treatment to ensure that patients can be healthy as soon as possible. The rehabilitation center is a leader in advanced technology and multidisciplinary treatment of Parkinson's disease and other central nervous system diseases. Sheba Medical Center is the only civil rehabilitation virtual reality center in the world & mdash; Virtual reality rehabilitation center. It was built to meet the needs. Due to the large number of injured civilians and soldiers, such a center was created to reduce the workload. Here, patients can be allowed to practice their skills and recover in a virtual environment that safely simulates real-world conditions.

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