Ruiben hospital

  Rambam hospital was founded in 1938 by the British government that ruled the region at that time. It has always played an important role since Israel announced its establishment in 1948. We are the largest hospital in northern Israel and the only provider of first-class trauma drugs. More than 2 million people receive our medical care and public health information.

  Both domestically and internationally, Rambam is a famous demonstration teaching hospital and a patient-centered research and innovation center.

  Rambam is the main academic hospital in northern Israel. The scale of the hospital is:

  1000 beds

  1034 doctors, 1610 nurses, 1016 joint health care professionals and 1048 internal administrators

  127404 emergency department patients, 86178 inpatients, 662451 outpatients, 52762 surgical operations, 1373 effective clinical studies, 264961 imaging examinations, 1459544 laboratory procedures, 5297 newborns

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