Treatment case

Biodegradable cardiac stents disappeared completely after 2

  Heart absorbable stent to avoid "metal heart""

  -- China's first coronary heart disease patient implanted biodegradable stents in Britain

  Mr. Li is a start empty-handed northeast of a company's boss, in a career ups and downs, finally enjoyed victory at the age of 40 results, well behaved daughter, considerate wife, also a capable subordinates with the business. But this year's examination of heart 3D CT was diagnosed as coronary heart disease, and the anterior descending artery jam has exceeded 80%, the doctor immediately advised for cardiac intervention surgery.

  Mr. Li at the next month non-stop run toward the hospital, all of Beijing's major hospitals, all experts can find support for a final opinion, still must carry out interventional procedures, is installed in accordance with the heart heart stents. Experts say, now the most advanced domestic drug eluting stent, the table the bread is drugs, can reduce the installation again after the jam, but even so, also can guarantee after vascular stents placed no longer blocked; and more (some even in the heart vessels installed five or six stents, have become the "metal heart"), the greater the possibility of re blockage. However, more worrying is that the metal stent will always remain in the patient's body, need lifelong medication, and if the further development of the disease, will no longer be able to bypass.

  While Lee hesitated when a doctor friend said in a foreign country at the meeting learned the best European Heart Center, the largest British Heart lung specialist hospital - the Royal Brown hospital in Northampton has begun to Britain's fourth application of absorbable stents in patients with coronary heart disease generation completely from 2005 onwards, the support in the recovery of blood vessels elastic, clear the blood vessels, can be dissolved within two years, do not need lifelong medication.

  Mr. Li, the idea is that he can not accept this kind of support? How to contact with the British hospital? How to prepare? Living in the UK was told by a friend of the Royal Brown hospital in Northampton is an official partner of Chinese, can help patients to treatment. China English sentence woke up Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee and his wife commissioned a friend to ask the British hospital, finally found the Chinese only by the United States official certification service institutions to go abroad to see a doctor's chief medical officer, Dr. Even the enthusiastic reception of Mrs. Lee, and tell the need to prepare the data (passport, domestic medical records, three-dimensional coronary artery CT).

  Half a month later, Mrs. Li Xiansheng successfully get to the UK medical visa, and made an appointment of Professor Carlo Di Mario professor.Carlo Di Mario is a cardiologist European famous, is a global leader in the fourth generation of biodegradable stent, is the American College of Cardiology fellow, European Heart academy, the European Association of former percutaneous cardiovascular interventions the president can make an appointment on Carlo Di. Professor Mario suddenly let Mr. Li down, visiting time set in February 18th.

  In February 16, 2013, Mr. Li and his wife boarded the flight to London and arrived in London at five p.m. local time

  In February 18 day doctor

  At 9:30 on the morning of February 18th Mr. Lee and his wife accompanied by full medical translation to meet Professor Carlo Di Mario Carlo Di Mario. First Professor Lee also a little nervous, but the Carlo Di Mario professor personally with their understanding of the inpatient department, nursing department, and hospital environment, very enthusiastic to introduce them to the responsible nurse and inpatient doctors, in some cases and patiently explain to them the preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative, finally Carlo Di Mario professor of patience for drawing the way to Mr. Lee explained the current situation of blood vessel blockage operation plan he developed as well as world-class famous experts and professors. Like Carlo Di Mario so big the treatment of an ordinary patient is so hard and patience, which makes them the trust on the Royal Brown Hospital of Northampton.

  February 19th surgery

  The hospital, the doctor placed the indwelling needle, blood, ECG. Blood pressure was measured for nurses before operation. At around 11 am.Carlo Di Mario professor in the operation room to do local anesthesia.Carlo Di professor Mario said general blockages without severe operation need 1 hours, if congestion is serious and requires 2 to 3 hours. The catheter there are generally 1 to 2 imports from the radial artery or femoral artery into the tube, is a minimally invasive surgery. Because of Mr. Li's blockage slightly heavy, the operation lasted about two hours, but the operation is very successful, the whole process of Mr. Lee did not feel any discomfort. After operation, the Carlo Di professor Mario with the image contrast to Mr. Li after surgery before and after operation, the effect is particularly obvious, Bahrain absorbable stents after vascular completely smooth.

  The operation room, Carlo Di professor Mario told Mr. Lee after two hours you can get out of bed, support in the body will be gradually dissolved, all disappeared after 2 years, during which the strenuous exercise is no problem, but will return to normal blood vessel elasticity, the metal frame can not be achieved.

  Professor Mario also humorously asked Mr. Lee after going to tell professor Mario. When they want to travel to Italy, but it is difficult to get a visa, Mario said there is no problem, he can give the Italy Embassy in Britain's ambassador calls himself, let him help to obtain a visa. For Mr Li, this is really unexpected the harvest, really did not expect so big British experts treat the patient is really better than their loved ones.

  Mr. Li after relaxed, began to visit the hospital carefully, this is a very busy but very quiet, very orderly hospital, every medical staff are very professional. The nurse smiled every hour one measuring blood pressure, electrocardiogram, detection of urine volume. Beds are multifunctional there, sofa, wardrobe, refrigerator, and each ward with a shower of Wei