Treatment case

Liu went to the United States to treat breast cancer

  Ms Liu's birth date: 1969-10-26 diagnosis: after breast cancer surgery

  Case presentation: Patients 2 months before the examination revealed a right breast mass, located on the right side of the nipple outside, no pain, no nipple discharge.2013 in May 7th at XX General Hospital to check: right breast ultrasound showed hypoechoic nodules (lobulated, size is about 1.2x1.3x1.3cm, irregular shape, uneven internal echo, punctate hyperechoic) consider BI-RADS 4b, grade.2013 in May 15th under the guidance of ultrasound right breast 9 hypoechoic mass puncture pathology: (right breast 9) invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast, SBR II. At 2013-5-28 XX Hospital in Beijing Bureau of general anesthesia department to expand the right breast cancer resection plus right axillary lymph node dissection, pathology hint: the intraoperative frozen margin. No special surgery, postoperative recovery was good. Prompt postoperative pathological (right) invasive micropapillary carcinoma of the breast (size 1.6 x 1.4 x 1.0cm); no lymph node metastasis (Xiong Xiaoji 0/1 behind, right axillary 0/13). Immunohistochemistry. Show: ER alpha (40%, Zhongyang), ER beta (30%, Zhongyang), Her-2 (1+), PR (30%, Zhongyang), p53 (-), CK5/6 (-), Ki-67 (INDEN, 5%)

  The next step in China is to recommend radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined with tamoxifen endocrine therapy

  Past history: 7 years ago, right breast cyst resection was performed. The pathological nature was not clear. Menarche was 16 years old, 6/30, and last menstrual period was 2013.5.9

  Obstetrical history: the patient married unbearing.

  Danner Farber Institute for cancer research, Harvard University School of Medicine

  In June 28, 2013 the American cancer patients to ranking fifth in the Brigham Danner Farber cancer center, the center is one of the most authoritative hospital treatment of breast cancer in the United States.

  The attending expert Liu is the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) to develop guidelines for the treatment of breast cancer professor Eric, the chairman of the committee, the United States is the treatment of breast cancer experts, together with Liu's breast cancer radiotherapy and treatment team of experts and Professor Eric. Two experts jointly developed local radiotherapy, and increased Letrozole the drug, based on domestic tamoxifen endocrine drugs on the treatment of no chemotherapy. This scheme can effectively prevent the recurrence of cancer in the United States. During the treatment, Ms. Liu almost no discomfort.

  After two months of radiation and drug treatment, after review, Professor Eric said that Ms. Liu's breast cancer has been cured, the probability of recurrence is less than 10%.

  So Liu feel intimate, the experts in the treatment of cancer, given that she is not the birth, reservation of fertility experts in advance, and her health egg freezing up. So, even if the cancer is not controlled, chemotherapy has hurt her reproductive function, she also can have a healthy baby. Of course, now she did not have to worry.

  A doctor during chat with friend, Ms. Liu even inadvertently learned the famous Angelina? Julie also told professor Eric consulted the breast cancer patients, because of privacy protection in America, its authenticity cannot be verified, but for Ms. Liu, all of this is not important, because she has really overcome the cancer.