Treatment case

The child who entered the countdown survived

  Small Maomao, 13 years old, diagnosed as non Hodgkin lymphoma stage IVA (diffuse large B cell type), in a Beijing Cancer Hospital Authority by R-CHOP, R-EPOCH, R-DICE, R-GDP a total of 7 cycles of chemotherapy and biological therapy, the disease is still deteriorating, appeared dyspnea.PET-CT showed multiple lymph node enlargement: right middle and lower the neck, supraclavicular, mediastinum and lung; and the presence of thyroid, pleura and sternal metastasis; double lung atelectasis, bilateral pleural solid lesion and pericardial effusion. The doctor told his parents 51 on the eve of this year, China has no better treatment, the survival of children may be less than in January.

  Have emigrated to the United States for many years relatives told baby parents, American health care is very advanced, why didn't you come to the United States for treatment. However, although the family has been to the United States for many years, but are not familiar with how to help baby to the United States after treatment. Parents found the only official certification by the United States to the United States for medical treatment service - Beijing grewill a hospital management company limited. The company medical department immediately to help organize the domestic small plush medical records and data, and after translation was submitted to the American hospital and the pediatric cancer treatment appointment ranked first hospital affiliated to Medical College of Harvard University: the Danner Farber Institute for cancer research; consulting department also helped them to a apply for a visa, and arrange transportation and accommodation to the United States; the professional process of company make small Maomao very satisfied with the parents.

  15 days after the parents took the baby to the United States affiliated to Medical College of Harvard University Danner Farber Cancer Institute. Harvard experts detailed assessment of the disease, the doctor first thought domestic chemotherapy is not standardized, cause the cancer cells to drugs not sensitive. After Harvard adopts the most advanced molecular target to drugs were treated at present. A little boy has been in the United States for 4 months. The medical cost of $130 thousand, through domestic doctors said the death period, PET-CT review also showed that most cancer has been controlled, the Harvard doctors have optimistic told the parents, the baby condition has improved, the end will be able to return home.