Treatment case

Proton therapy saved the lives of 2 year old children

  If someone in my family has cancer, they have to be treated with protons

  This is Susan Ralston's father-in-law came to this conclusion after attending a business meeting. He learned that in the center of the proton proton meeting how technology can accurately treat some cancers. However, no one expected, after a month, a minimum age of Ralston family member --Susan Jacob-- two-year-old son suffered cancer the attack.

  "I was scared out of my wits," Susan recalls. "I think he's only two years old. What exactly is the cause of cancer in a two year old child?"

  Jacob the initial symptoms as temporary back pain. One day, Jacob day care teacher told his parents, Jacob complained that his back pain. Some daycare teacher thinks that Jacob may be in play when I sprained back, so that one day, the teachers pay close attention to the situation of Jacob. In the evening, Jacob is home to Ralston, one family also very careful Jacob. In the next few days, Jacob did not appear to have any abnormal. Until one morning, when the baby car picked up from Susan Jacob when she found Jacob can't stand up.

  Susan and her husband Jim immediately took Jacob to a children's Hospital in the local community in Virginia Beach. After a few days of examination and physical examination, the Ralston family got what they never wanted to hear

  "He has a tumor on his spine," Susan said. "I asked," are you sure? "They're sure. Our son, Jacob, has to be operated on within a day to have the doctor remove the tumor from his spine"

  Jacob was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare cancer in bone or soft tissue. Ewing's sarcoma cells will be transferred to other parts of the patient's body, such as bone marrow, lung, kidney, heart, adrenal and other soft tissue.

  Quick thinking and subsequent surgery the doctor saved Jacob spine, or tumor growth will make him permanently paralyzed. Fortunately, his cancer without metastasis. However, in order to let Jacob get the best chance of cure, his treatment plan consisted of 14 cycles of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

  Ralston family are looking at devote more attention to treatment options, especially proton therapy choices of.Susan and Jim and other family members were a lot of information about proton therapy technology and proton center. Finally, the family decided they want to take Jacob to the MD Anderson proton therapy center received proton therapy. "We want to go to MD Anderson cancer center, because it is the number one cancer center," Susan said, "MD Anderson has a number of cases in the sarcoma specialist, specialist treatment gave us a deep impression"

  The sarcoma is a rare cancer, so it is not the number of patients with sarcoma most oncologists for treatment of sarcoma.MD Anderson cancer center, the number of patients than any other cancer hospital to treat, this advantage can make MD Anderson's doctor to the professional knowledge and experience in the treatment of them as the basis, to find the treatment and a new diagnosis method.

  "Because Jacob is very close to his spinal cord tumor treatment, so we must use professional, let us try to release the most accurate tumor radiation dose," Dr. Mahajan Anita explained that Dr..Mahajan is a clinical director of the MD Anderson proton therapy center and medical director of the children's Department of radiation oncology. "Through the use of proton therapy the width, our radiotherapy can be accurate to a hair sub millimeter - people - and thus protect the surrounding tissue from damage. Sub millimeter accuracy allows us to protect Jacob's heart and lung, esophagus and release the maximum radiation dose to the tumor tissue"

  A Ralston to MD Anderson, another reason is Dexrazoxcane, during cancer treatment using this drug can prevent damage to the heart. Because MD Anderson is undergoing clinical trials on Dexrazoxcane Susan, so rest assured that Jacob will accept during treatment with Dexrazoxcane this medicine, although this medicine in other places can not let patient use.

  "When patients choose to accept the treatment of MD Anderson, their choice is not only a focus of cancer treatment hospitals, research institutions or a dedicated to improving the health outcomes of patients," Mahajan said. "That is to say, many of our patients are able to participate in clinical trials, receive special treatment for their disease"

  After MD Anderson proton therapy center the first consultation on Jacob, Susan and her husband took Jacob temporarily living in Houston, Jacob chemotherapy and proton therapy for two months. This is a family of three in the proton therapy center comfort so that they are full of hope.

  "The nurses and anesthesiologists from the radiation oncology came up and gave us a big hug and said, 'we'll take care of your son like we take care of our own son,' 'Susan recalls

  I accept the treatment in Jacob, Ralston couple often took Jacob to play around in Houston, they went to the park, go to the beach, go to the aquarium.Jacob received proton therapy in the morning afternoon, so they have enough time to go out to play.

  With the Jacob Five Birthday approaching, Ralston an anti-cancer tour has become a distant memory. Although Jacob is also wearing a little back bracket, but he is not only a high level swimmer, still love to ride a bicycle. He completed the preschool education, also recently in their class the first stage drama starring role.

  The experience of going to MD Anderson has given Susan and her family a lot of insights, and they have become a strong supporter of proton treatment for childhood cancer, the.Ralston family