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Evo medical won the "annual contribution" award again

On February 28, "2018 Suzhou enterprises in action" Charity Award Ceremony was held in Suzhou public culture center Evo medical was invited to attend the meeting and won the "2017 annual contribution award"

  At the scene, the wonderful dance and the wheelchair dance performance brought by the disabled attracted applause, especially the wheelchair dance performers whose bodies and wheelchairs rotate with the rhythm of music & hellip& hellip; It shows the spirit and courage of the disabled to face difficulties and strive for self - improvement

  Aiwo has been conscientiously fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and actively carrying out various forms of charitable activities while carrying out international medical business It has been widely recognized by the society and established a good corporate image

  This award is the recognition of Evo medical Evo will live up to expectations and continue the story of love

More information, please pay attention to EVO WeChat official account.

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