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Warm winter public welfare peers

  Cold on January 20

  Warm winter public welfare peers

  AVO precision disability assistance activity was successfully held!

On the afternoon of January 20, AVO medical staff came to Suzhou disabled public welfare park to visit the deaf and dumb elderly, and gave them warm cups, scarves, masks and other living materials to let them spend a warm and peaceful winter.

The old people extended a warm welcome to us. We are very happy that you can hold this activity to bring us together. Thank you for your care and care for the disabled. We feel very happy!, An old man has sign language. At the scene, everyone was in high spirits, chatted about new year's wishes together, and taught the staff a lot of sign language expressions of daily language.

  Evo medical hopes to transfer positive energy and enhance people's awareness of helping the disabled through this love activity. Let more disabled people better integrate into society and create a warm, harmonious, healthy and civilized atmosphere in society.

  Since its establishment, Evo medical has actively engaged in public welfare activities while serving medical institutions at home and abroad. Always stick to; Enterprises with responsibility, responsibility and contribution to society; For the mission. As a public welfare and caring enterprise, Evo medical is full of a sense of social responsibility, always adheres to giving back to the society, never forgetting its original heart, dedicating love, transmitting care, and actively participating in the construction of social public welfare undertakings.

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