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Su Shan? Yixin Yiyi - love donation activity of evo

  On January 17, Evo medical successfully submitted to BenQ Youda foundation; Su Shanyi's medical thoughts; The project donated 20000 yuan for charity.

  Su Shanyi's medical thoughts; The large-scale public welfare project of medical assistance aims to care for special vulnerable groups and provide corresponding medical assistance for patients with curable diseases and difficult family conditions.

  Since its establishment, Evo medical has actively engaged in public welfare activities while serving medical institutions. Always adhere to a responsible, responsible and contributing Enterprise & rdquo; For the mission. As a public welfare and caring enterprise, Evo medical is full of a sense of social responsibility, always adheres to giving back to the society, never forgetting its original heart, dedicating love, transmitting care, and actively participating in the construction of social public welfare undertakings.

 We will continue to make efforts to maximize the social effects of caring donations, bring health to every recipient, create opportunities for them to change their fate, prove the power of public welfare with actions, and create a good social fashion with love.

More information, please pay attention to EVO WeChat official account.

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