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Live up to the mission - AVO holds up the hope of life again

In order to save uremic patients, the charity donation activity of "silent father's love and gratitude for you" was held in Suzhou disabled persons' Federation on the afternoon of November 15 Evo medical CEO Ms. Wu qiuting and the international medical department participated in the charity donation

  Zhang Zhengping, a deaf mute, is now a national first-class artist

  It has won the "International Gold Award for international artists and professors in the 20th century", "Gold Award for famous calligraphers and painters of previous dynasties in China", "Nomination Award for top 500 Chinese fine arts", "Creation Award for famous artists of the 20th century", "gold medal for the first batch of special contribution experts", "medal for famous calligraphers and painters of the 20th century in China and Japan", "Gold Award for famous calligraphers and painters of previous dynasties in China", "gold cup award for world celebrities" and "medal for world peace award" "Medal of world famous artist", "international Xizhi Creation Award", "World Art Award", certificate of "master of Chinese art garden" in overseas edition of people's daily, "qualification of world meritorious artist", "isqooooa qualification certification", "special contribution award for world peace", "2010 moving Chinese art figures", etc

Zhang Zhengping's son, Zhang Tao, was diagnosed with uremia by Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 2004. This diagnosis made Zhang Tao, who was only 28 at that time, feel like a bolt from the blue

  The marks on his left arm confirmed Zhang Tao's 13 years of hemodialysis career Countless times of illness, countless times of "desperate" are endlessly destroying this young life In the ten years of dialysis, Zhang Tao's health has become worse and worse. He has a lot of dandruff falling off his body and his hair has become thinner and thinner, which makes Zhang Tao panic. For the first time, he feels that his life is so fragile in front of the disease He had a bad appetite and didn't eat anything. He couldn't sleep well at night, resulting in his face pale and his hemoglobin too low to support him for a few steps The parents are deaf and mute people in their seventies. The minimum living allowance plus their parents' pension amount to more than 6000 yuan, which is the monthly income of a family of three Parents who should enjoy their old age are suffering from life, and they may sleep at any time and never wake up Zhang Tao realized that it was time for him to do something At that time, he had prepared for the worst. When he was discouraged, the doctor told him that there was a hospital in Shanghai with a matching kidney source that could perform kidney replacement surgery for him, but the surgical treatment fee of more than 500000 yuan made the family with a smile return to peace again

  In order to cherish this kidney exchange opportunity, Zhang Tao's old father Zhang Zhengping decided to sell his painting to raise money for his son

  There are thousands of ways to express father's love. "I sell paintings for your rebirth" is perhaps the most touching one

  Ms. Wu qiuting donated uremic patients on behalf of Evo medical's bidding for "Wrangler girl"

  AVO also convened the world's best nephrology expert team to consult him before and after operation and remotely guide his rehabilitation

  "Love is endless, we always adhere to charity." Evo medical Ms. Wu qiuting's words as a representative of love enterprises moved the people present

  Evo medical will, with a high sense of social responsibility, actively participate in public welfare and charity undertakings while serving medical institutions, and is committed to promoting the construction of social public welfare undertakings

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