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  Evo medical is a Sino foreign joint venture academic medical service enterprise. Relying on the strong medical resources of world-famous medical colleges and their affiliated hospitals, the company is committed to building an international cooperation and co construction platform to provide talent training, talent introduction and discipline construction services for domestic hospitals and health administrative departments.

  Sino American Academy of Medical Sciences is an academic institution established by Evo in the United States, located near Harvard University. The Institute has a number of professors and scholars from world-class medical schools and hospitals to provide academic support for medical institutions in China.

  Evo medical is the only international medical cooperative service enterprise awarded by the organization department in the industry.

  Evo medical also won many honorary titles such as "caring enterprise", "disabled enterprise", "outstanding enterprise".

  Evo has established 14 offices at home and abroad.

  China Suzhou Office is the headquarters, which is responsible for the overall planning of the sales and business connection of each office.

  Guangdong Evo medical is a subsidiary company introduced by Guangdong Provincial Health Commission and Guangdong Provincial Department of science and technology and wholly invested by Evo headquarters. Guangdong Evo medical is mainly responsible for the docking of overseas medical resources and business contact, so as to establish a smooth green channel for medical services at home and abroad.

  The Boston and Saipan offices in the United States are responsible for the docking of overseas medical resources and business contacts, and have established a smooth green channel for medical services between China and the United States.

Corporate culture

  For your healthy life, we integrate the world's top medical resources to provide you with physical and mental health management in the whole life process and health examination and treatment plans for disease prevention and cancer prevention. Let the sub-health people be healthy and let the healthy people be healthier。

  We deliver health and share happiness.

  We live on this with gratitude.

EVOBrand concept

  Enjoy Vital Oneself

  Build an international medical cooperation and sharing platform to help the international development of Chinese medical institutions。

  Integrity casting quality

  Win the future with heart

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