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Remote consultation

  Tele consultation is a way of providing medical advice (SecondOpinion) to patients by analyzing the patient data from authoritative American medical experts

  As everyone knows, the medical level has dominated the world leading position. However, for many patients, in the absence of foreign medical system understanding, blind to overseas medical treatment is not necessarily achieved good results, treatment process will also consume energy and with funds, it is ". Therefore, in order to harass the people and waste money." expert opinion clinic patients with easy access to facilitate domestic and foreign authoritative hospital, the hospital's top US and the United States, including the major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School carried out in close cooperation, to provide international long-distance consultation service to our patients.

  With no need to personally go to the United States, only need to provide the corresponding domestic cases, by our medical expert translation, finishing, transferred to the hands of the corresponding teaching hospital of Harvard University specialist. According to your medical records, they will carry out careful analysis and diagnosis, including disease diagnosis, treatment, treatment methods and feasible suggestions the expected treatment effect, required treatment time and other information. This high level of consultation and assessment report, whether in domestic or overseas, has high reference value for your treatment.