Ms.Wu Qiuting,chairman,took part in CCTV's "the road to glo

  Brand image represents the national image. In the era of economic globalization, brand, as an intangible asset, is not only the embodiment of enterprise quality, reputation and image, but also the symbol of national quality, national status and economic strength. According to the survey data show that Chinese annual production of 9 billion pairs of shoes, the shoes industry profits below the Nike company; nearly 100 enterprises closed down China businesses each year, the average life expectancy of small and medium-sized enterprises only 2.5 years, 60% of the small and medium-sized enterprises are about 3 years old died, only 10% of small and medium-sized enterprises can survive 5 years, only 3% small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the youth and adult! So, small and medium enterprises how to effectively promote the enterprise, brand, product characters, industry influence and market competitiveness has become a serious problem facing the entrepreneurs. Only when we implement the strategy innovation, the concept innovation, the brand innovation and the marketing innovation in a timely and decisive manner, can we extricate the enterprise from the severe and cruel Red Sea market competition, and see the bright and bright prospects for development.

  With the deepening reform of the overall development, the traditional mode and a mix of old and new patterns of cooperative innovation between enterprises, cross-border integration between different areas, is becoming a breakthrough in the development of the new era of enterprise reform. Let us use "cross-border thinking" to embrace change, and re deconstruct the entrepreneurial spirit of the commercial age, to meet the next round of opportunities!

  Initiated by the securities information channel "road to glory" column group "100 million city business help promotion plan" will last a year across the country, selection of outstanding enterprises, shortlisted for the "glorious road" chat show, a dialogue with the famous host, personal charm, shaping national brand China. The theme of this event is cross-border thinking, embrace change".

  We sincerely invite you to come here, to gather together, to share business opportunities, and to work together for the future.