Molecular Imaging Conference & PET-MR symposium held in

  To further promote the scientific development of domestic PET-MR, explore its in the diagnosis and treatment of tumor, nervous and cardiovascular system disease in certain clinical application value of.2017 04 27 July the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University in aiwo (EVO) organized the "Molecular Imaging Conference & PET-MR symposium held in soulom molecular imaging. From inside and outside the province, and related disciplines, experts and scholars about more than and 100 people participated in the conference.

  The meeting by the application of the status quo, Changzheng Hospital Affiliated to Second Military Medical University Professor team of PET-MR molecular imaging technology and clinical application value of the latest developments, and multimodal imaging technology etc, from multi angle and multi orientation are described in detail.

  Research frontiers and PET-MR Clinical Applications Conference on molecular imaging to carry out in-depth academic exchange and research confirms the potential of PET-MR, PET and MR complementary, focusing on the spiritual nerve, cardiovascular, liver, kidney, prostate and other fields, will give full play to the high-end PET-MR imaging equipment advantage!

  Finally, the meeting by Professor Yang Chunshan academic summary, for high level academic level and advanced research content of the participants to give a high evaluation, very fruitful meeting. To promote the development of the field of imaging technology, driven by further understanding and knowledge of imaging techniques, the new technology of our province, deepen between the image counterparts.

  Aiwo as precise medical pioneer, we lead the modern medical imaging, advanced medical technology, sharing of medical resources and clinical scarce, we will as in the past, patient services, clinical services, social services.