The first Mayo China Hospital Management Summit was successf

  On April 21st ~22, aiwo medical chairman Ms. Wu Qiuting was invited to attend the first Mayo Medical Group China Mayo hospital management summit. The first Chinese Mayo hospital management summit by the Mayo Medical Group, Chinese Hospital Association and Hui medical group support each held in Beijing.

  The summit is the Mayo Medical Group sent the first large-scale instructor team, share in its brand construction, medical mode, hospital management, hospital IT system, with world-class service and other core mature model and successful experience to China hospital managers.

  The first Chinese Mayo Hospital Management Summit held in April 21st ~22 on Sino US hospital managers to share the experience in improving medical treatment, improve service quality, strengthen medical safety, improve patient satisfaction and experience accumulated, shows the value and charm of the hospital management. These time tested "tips", will help in the process of public hospital to fine management, grasp the key to avoid detours.

  In the "Internet plus" era, the informatization level has become one of the core competitiveness of a hospital. Peking Union Medical College Hospital, former vice president Wang Yipeng stressed that the ultimate goal of having the data and information to create new management mode and new benefits. Therefore, the hospital is committed to the use of data to build decision simulation system, through dynamic data acquisition, comprehensive consideration patient satisfaction, medical staff workload, investment benefit, optimization of patient treatment process and management mode.

  The summit will foreign hospital aiwo medical health service concept, to provide more professional, efficient and quality services for domestic customers.