About us

About Us

   EVO medical (China) Company Limited is a set of accurate examination, discipline construction, medical training, overseas medical treatment in one of the Sino foreign joint venture medical enterprise, the company relies on a strong background of the Harvard Medical School is committed to the integration of high-quality medical resources around the world, to provide professional, personalized, one-stop service for domestic hospitals and medical customer.

  Has established 11 offices in two countries and the United States Chinese.

  China Suzhou City Office: for headquarters, responsible for overall planning of office sales and business docking.

  The United States of Boston and Saipan office: responsible for overseas medical resources docking and business contact, set up Easy Access flow between the United States and China medical service.

  Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Nantong, Shanxi and Zhangjiagang are the 8 major offices: Sales and customer service.

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