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Medical treatment abroad

We will accompany patients and their families to the medical procedures in the United States, and appoint "one to one" professional medical translator accompanying the doctor to arrange accommodation, transportation and other related matters.

Interdisciplinary construction

To make doctors more focused on medical treatment, so that medical professionals are more distinguished, so that patients see more easily.

Remote consultation

Remote consultation is a way to provide medical advice for patients through the analysis of patients' data by authoritative medical experts in America.

Medical training

This project is the middle management personnel, organization Chinese two grade and above hospital departments responsible person, the head nurse went to the well-known foreign medical institutions for training learning and training, through professional exchanges abroad, in-depth understanding of the relevant management experience of foreign hospitals.

Accurate physical examination

EVO in order to allow customers to more fully grasp their own health status, making health inspection plan complete, in particular to strengthen the image of health examination of common chronic diseases, and strengthen the chest CT detection, detection of tumor markers.

Our advantage

EVO in China, Suzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Beijing and other places established a wholly-owned subsidiary, in the United States, Boston, Saipan, Romania and other places to develop overseas customer service center.

About us

EVO medical (China) Company Limited

EVO medical (China) Company Limited is a set of accurate examination, discipline construction, medical training, overseas medical treatment in one of the Sino foreign joint venture medical enterprise, the company relies on a strong background of the Harvard Medical School is committed to the integration of high-quality medical resources around the world, to provide professional, personalized, one-stop service for domestic hospitals and medical customer.

Has established 11 offices in two countries and the United States Chinese

China Suzhou City Office: for headquarters, responsible for overall planning of office sales andbusiness docking.

The United States of Boston and Saipan office: responsible for overseas medical resources dockingand business contact, set up Easy Access flow between the United States and China medical service.

Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Nantong, Shanxi and Zhangjiagang are the 8 major offices: Sales and customer service.

Brand image represents the national image. In the era of economic globalization, brand, as an intangible asset, is not only the embodiment of enterprise quality, reputation and image, but also the symbol of national quality, national status......

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On April 21st ~22, aiwo medical chairman Ms. Wu Qiuting was invited to attend the first Mayo Medical Group China Mayo hospital management summit. The first Chinese Mayo hospital management summit by the Mayo Medical Group, Chinese Hospital......

Corporate News

We are in the transmission of health at the same time, know how to Thanksgiving, to serve the community.

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Treatment case

To save a patient's life is the goal we have been pursuing.